Maksym Kozub

You are going to organize a specialized conference...
You are going to deliver a training course in Ukraine...
Your Ukrainian counterparts are going to come for negotiations, but they cannot find an interpreter who would really understand the subject area...
Your translation agency has just got a Ukrainian translation done, your client is unhappy, your translator and your editor keep arguing with each other, and you feel there is a need for an independent expert opinion...
So, you have a need.

Let me help you.

Maksym Kozub, your interpreter, translator, and editor in Ukraine (and, if needed, abroad). I did my first paid translations in 1992, and I have been working as a full-time professional interpreter and translator since 1995 (except for several months in 1996, when I was the editor and acting project manager of Kyiv Pocket Guide, a bilingual quarterly published by Linea 12). My first simultaneous interpreting experience dates back to 1996.

I am a native speaker of both Ukrainian and Russian, and my other working languages are English and Polish. I am not a member of the International Association of Conference Interpreters, but if you are familiar with the AIIC classification, I would say English is my B language and Polish is somewhere between B and C.

However, the linguistic skills are not enough. To provide really valuable services, a translator or interpreter should possess thorough knowledge of the subject area. This sounds like an obvious requirement, but in many situations this is not the case.
Using my services, you can rely upon my interpreting and translation skills and experience in several specialized areas, including

law (a former lawyer myself, I do quite a lot of legal translations and interpreting, as well as doing some research on the legal issues in translation and interpreting),

information and telecommunication technologies (my experience with computers started 25+ years ago, but at that time I didn't know some day I would support the world's largest IT companies and high-profile projects with my services),

banking and finance, including investment banking (with some of the largest Ukrainian banks being my customers),

as well as some other areas, which I am going to add to this site soon.

You will not find a lot of marketing speak here. Instead, I will provide some (hopefully) interesting examples of my clients, as well as my interpreting and translation assignments in various subject areas. I hope those examples will let you understand why it may be a good idea to use my services. I never compete on a price basis (actually, I am one of the most expensive interpreters and translators in Ukraine). Instead, I try to do what I know and can do really well, using the abilities that God has given me, and my clients believe that in many cases I do it better than others.

I will gladly provide you with a free quote and any details you may need.

Book translation is not part of my core activities. However, I have participated in translating several books, and you are welcome to see those titles.

I do a lot of simultaneous interpreting, and I would not be able to do it successfully without my great colleagues. I often have a pleasure of working in a booth with Igor Dubinskyi, whom I can heartily recommend as a great translator and interpreter. (In addition to English and Polish from/to Ukrainian and Russian, Igor also works from Japanese.)

To conclude this introduction, I have to add something that some people would say is politically incorrect etc. While working a lot with people of different beliefs and backgrounds, I am an Orthodox Christian. Some would say it is unrelated to business, but for me personally, it is, as a basis for my ethical principles. In particular, I will never accept any orders for translation of erotic content.